What can you do with the new VoIP SIP SDK (part2)

No one will be able to use this software except those who are authorized to do so. With the authorization ID feature you will be able to get give an ID for everyone who is authorized to work with the program.
The former feature is very important because of one thing, the SDK comes in active X format which means that you are able to modify it and add more features or tweak the already implemented features to suite your business so the authorization ID will keep the modification exclusive for those who hold the authorization to work with the program. The software development kit comes with free sample in JAVA and C++ so you can use these samples or models to modify what you want in your program and keep it running according to your company’s policy.
The presence of the code samples is a very good addition because you do not have to be an expert in programming languages to work with these samples, except if you want to do something very special. All you need to do in standard cases is to change some values and you are done. The best feature ever of the VoIP SIP SDK is that it is nearly free. First of all it is free to try; you will be able to download the latest version of this development kit without any kind of commitment or any kind of payment.
All you need to do is to submit your name and email then a download link will be delivered to your e-mail. After trying the program, you may want to buy it from the producer company. At that case, you need to pay only one time and enjoy for life time.
Yes, you do not need to pay for a monthly or even yearly subscription fees. You will only pay for the software development kit one time and that is when you buy it after that, you will be able to enjoy all the features provided in it without paying any extra amount of money.
Not only that but, you will be able to get all the updates that takes place on the kit at no extra charge. On regular intervals of time, the company releases newer and improved versions of the VoIP SIP SDK soft phone kit, you will also get all of these versions once they are released for free. So, you will be getting the kit forever without paying anything except the price that you had paid for in the first time you purchased it.
After you knew the most important features about the kit now you may want to know more about how to use it in the proper way. It is important to set everything in the right way in order to avoid any conflicts after you run your soft phone application. Adjust your STUN by setting the local SIP port to 5060 and the local RTP port to 5004. After that, type your STUN server or port in the designated box then you are ready to go. After that you need to enter your name, password and authorization ID in the designated fields below that and then click registration.
Doing this will enable you to permit the person who know the three parameters (user name, password and authorization id) to enter, use and modify your VoIP program. After setting your user name, password and authorization ID, you will need to set your Proxy. The proxy setting as well, needs a user name, password and proxy address.
The final step is always optional, after that you will be able to download any audio codecs that you may need for your audio to work properly. You will get a full array of audio codecs that you can download. After setting all of these parameters, you will be able to do your first call through the soft phone.
It is a great technology that will keep moving forward till the end of the days. The best thing about the VoIP technology is that it literally does not cost anything at all. Consider it this way, inside the company, many agents who want to communicate together to get the work done. Also, it could be used to communicate with clients and for advertisement through the internet. This means that most of your calls are made with a minimal amount of money that is a fraction of the standard phone expenses that you are paying now.
Many businesses are now changing to VoIP to cut down expenses, especially with the current economical status. Even if you do not intend to use the VoIP service to communicate with agents and clients, you can offer this service to your clients to use it between each other. This is an excellent idea for a business on its own.
All you need is the setup fee and the running cost will be very low. You can offer your subscribers the Voice over Internet Protocol service to use. VoIP is one of these internet fields that are growing exponentially and it serves many business venues all over the internet. Conducting your business through the internet is something crucial and doing this over the regular phone would be very expensive in some cases.
If your business only requires local calls then you may not benefit a lot from the VoIP service but the majority of businesses require calling mobile phones, long distance calls and international calls. Long distance and international calls can make your phone bill explode and the only method to avoid this is to use a very cost effective method of communication.
With the VoIP SIP SDK you will be able to tweak your VoIP service and make it serve your business in the best way. It will boost the quality of the VoIP soft phone service you are using and enable you to talk and send messages through the internet in an efficient way that is even better than using an ordinary land line.
There are several VoIP soft phone solutions out there through the internet and most of them are free to download and use but how can you make sure that they include all the features that you may need? The best solution is to put your mind at ease and get a development kit like the VoIP SIP SDK to help you implement and use hundreds of essential features through your soft phone application...

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