What can you do with the new VoIP SIP SDK (part1)

Let us first know what is the VoIP SIP SDK is all about, the SDK stands for Software Developer Kit which means that this is the kit that contains all the tools and methods that you may need to set up a dial and receive soft phone to your application.
It is a powerful kit that contains all the features that will turn your soft phone to be like a real one, except that you are paying much less money. Features The added features in this amazing software developer kit is all what you will need to set up your VoIP soft phone, no matter what is your intention from doing this but, you will be able to add the suitable features that serve your goals and intentions.
Regardless of the version that you will be using from this amazing Active X, all of them is based on the universal IETF standards so, it could be used with any program that you are comfortable with including Asterisk and OpenSER. In fact, you will be able to use the VoIP SIP SDK with any program based on STUN and SIP. This is the beauty of VoIP SIP SDK. Now with the final version you will be able to get a full array of features that will add a lot to your VoIP application so, let us browse through these features one by one.
The first added feature, which was added in the 1.1 VER, is to play an audio file while the conversation is taking place. This means that you can let your client listen to an audio file before you continue talking to him. Not only that but you will also get an alert when the playing is finished so, there won’t be a pause but you will pick up the conversation after the audio playing is finished.
The supported file type is WAV which is the best for internet usage because of its small size. Now you will be able to record any call into a WAV file. It is a smart move to keep track of what happened in the previous call. You can use this as a method of quality control or you can use it for coaching your agents.
Holding and retrieving your calls is now available with the VoIP SIP SDK tool kit. Transferring calls is something very important and there are two methods to do this, either to blind or attend the transfer.
Guess what, both methods are available with this toolkit. Transferring is important and you should have full control on the call and be able to transfer it in the appropriate way. Muting a call or holding the voice of the speaker for a period of time is an important feature in ordinary phones but you do not have it in other soft phone application easily. Here, call muting is very easy to implement and easy to use.
Audio control is very important because you do not want to have a fluctuation in the volume while you are talking through your soft phone. With the Auto gain feature you will enjoy stability in the volume with no fluctuation ever.
This active X control will stabilize the call volume and keep it where you want it exactly. The presence of the VPN support is something great with the VoIP SIP SDK; you will be able to extend your private network with a virtual private network option. The virtual private network will boost your call options and permit sending and receiving files in a better way. You will be also able to send and receive files through FTP.
With the adaptive jitter buffer, you will be able to overcome any latency in the sound and keep it at the highest quality. There will be no latency period during your calls and everything will go smooth like you are speaking on a standard phone line.
Having an excellent call quality is an essential demand for all business owners who want to keep their customers comfortable while calling or receiving calls Problem that occurs to most of soft phone users is the high noise level in the back ground, this is because most computer users are using a standard quality audio gadgets. After all, you are not calling from a studio but, you are calling from a small office or from home.
With VoIP SIP SDK, you will be able to enjoy a crystal clear sound because of the Noise Reduction feature added to this program. Adding telephone sets and using them could be sometimes tricky but, with VoIP SIP SDK soft phone program, you will be able to change the difficult usage into a very simple one. You will be able to get a DTMF tone on your telephone set. This means that when you pick up the phone handset you will hear a dial tone like the one you are used to in the standard phone you use at home or office.
Providing your telephone agents with simple technology will cut out the down time and keep the call time for your agents at its top level...
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