Advantages Of VoIP

VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, has achieved immense popularity since its inception because it is cheap compared to traditional phone systems and relatively easy to use. Residences and businesses alike are flocking to get their hands on this new technology.
It is the leading alternative for traditional phones, and fast becoming a common household product. This is not to say that VoIP is perfect. There are still flaws and shortcomings that need to be addressed, but nothing serious that would hinder your everyday communication. Besides, the features and advantages of using VoIP outweigh any disadvantage that one might think of. So what are the advantages of VoIP?
Below is a list of some features that IP telephony has to offer. Huge savings. You can cut your phone bills up to 90 percent using VoIP, especially if you are fond of making long distance calls. This is why VoIP is popular among people with relatives or loved ones on another country. Businesses with clients or customers abroad also take advantage of this feature. Almost all VoIP companies offer unlimited calling plans to their subscribers.
This means you can talk all you want without monitoring your minutes. If in case you are in a limited call plan, expect discounts that may save you those hard earned dollars. In addition, there are software widely available that allows you to make unlimited PC-to-PC calls, all for free. Portability. As long as there is an internet connection at hand, you can make and receive calls. Simply plug-in your headset, sign in to your account, and you are ready to go.
This works with Phone-to-Phone VoIP as well. Most internet phones are small and light enough to carry around. The number that was assigned to you when you signed up for a VoIP service goes with you wherever you go so there is no worry of missing a call. Number of options. There is literally no traditional phone feature that VoIP phones do not and can not have. From call waiting to three-way calling, IP phones can have it all. This of course depends on you package or plan. Some companies give their subscribers all the feature that they may want, but some requires special fees.
Popular features include speed dialing, caller ID, caller ID block, voice mail, call forwarding, call return, conferencing, and many more. Some even offer the option of choosing your own phone number. Not just voice. Some parts of this advantage are for PC-to-PC calls only. Aside from speaking with someone, you can both enhance interactivity by sharing files like photos or videos. Better yet, use a webcam and you can see the person that you are talking to.
Several VoIP packages send your voice mail or fax to your email address. Video conferencing is also a popular feature among business people. VoIP technology is advancing fast. The list of its advantages and features are sure to grow in the near future. One thing is for sure, though. VoIP is definitely a money saver...

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