The Future of VOIP Technology

Few communication technologies have grown as big in as short a period of time as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). VOIP, the method by which millions of people use their Internet connection to make telephone calls has grown in percentages reaching the triple digits in each of the past three years, as more and more people are drawn to the inexpensive price and ease-of-use of the service.

But what do VOIP companies need to do in order to maintain this growth? The following list illustrates those things which VOIP providers must give (or continue to give) their customers in order to stay competitive.

Inexpensive Price

Obviously, the mainstream appeal of VOIP would cease to exist were in not for the low price of set up and calling. People weren’t drawn to VOIP because it was simply a “cool” technology, but rather because the long distance packages and FREE calls to other VOIP users made it an offer than was hard to resist.

In order to maintain this benefit, VOIP providers must work hard to keep costs low.

Customer Service

Question: How does a VOIP provider grow as large as a major telecommunications company?

Answer: By NOT acting like a major telecommunications company.

VOIP companies are popular with their customers because they provide a level of personalized customer service that has seemingly disappeared from the large carriers. In order to keep their market share, VOIP companies must never lose sight of the fact that this interpersonal connection needs to stay strong.

Wireless Capability

For the first several years of its existence, VOIP was great, provided you had the proper headset and wanted to make your calls from your desktop or laptop PC. Then, Wi-Fi kicked in and people were free to move around their homes or office and make VOIP calls – as long as they stayed within signal range.

But in order to grow, VOIP providers must cut loose these bonds and give individuals the opportunity to make calls from standard cell phones. Many leading VOIP providers have caught on to this fact and now work with wireless nationwide networks that let people call from their cars, or other mobile locations.

We have become so attached to our cell phones, that for any calling system to reach the masses, cellular phone capability is an absolute “must have” feature.

Free Calls

One of the strongest selling points of VOIP technology continues to be the free calls that individuals can make to those in the same plan. If this were simply an introductory offer, then individuals might leave the service after it expires. But if it remains a bedrock offering from all VOIP carriers, then more and more people will be attracted to this potential money-saving feature.

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